Sarah Bielarski’s Choice Books

1. Novel from author’s already reading: SPEAK by, Laurie Halse Anderson (Young adult  lit/contemporary fiction) Grade range: 10-12

2. Margaret Edwards Award Author:FOREVER by, Judy Blume

3. Printz Award Author: Hard Love by, Ellen Wittlinger

4. Scott O’Dell Award Author: Two suns in the sky by, Miriam Bat-Ami

5. 1 ALA Greatest Graphic Novels for Teens selection: How I Made It to Eighteen: A Mostly True Story by Tracy White

6. Batch Elder Award Author: A faraway Island by Annika Thor

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One Response to Sarah Bielarski’s Choice Books

  1. Sarah, these look good. I was going to have you read “Hard Love” for this class, but then I switched it up. It’s a book I really enjoy. Anything by Judy Blume is a classic. The two books by Anderson (the one you’ve chosen and the one we’re reading for class) will be heavy, but are both rewarding.

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