“Half World” Trailer

Hiromi Goto’s “Half World” has a book trailer. It’s as though the publishing company is already preparing for a potential movie. There are not many books that have trailers.  What do you think of the trailer? Does it make the book more appealing? Do you think that it accurately represents the book or could you do a better trailer?  Feel free to make your own book trailer for “Half World” or another one of your books for the semester.


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One Response to “Half World” Trailer

  1. ajanacek says:

    I think the publishing company produced the book trailer to keep up with technology advances. It is also a cheap way to advertise the novel. A lot of teens spend time on YouTube and might stumble across the trailer. The trailer is also a tool to capture peoples’ attention so they will want to read the book. A young adult who watches the trailer is more likely to read the book rather than if the young adult was to read the back of the book. The trailer is more interactive, and, in a society that is utilizing technology on a day to day basis, young adults would be more engaged in the book after viewing the trailer. The trailer is a good prereading activity.

    I think the trailer was decent. The passage that was read was intriguing and even gave me chills, but the images that were used were not as powerful as the language. Overall, the trailer succeeds in captivating the viewer and producing interest in the novel.

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