Airborn Choice Book-Brandon Roe

Author: Kenneth Opel

Genre: Fantasy/Alternate History


Matt Cruse is a young cabin boy on a transoceanic airship, which is basically a blimp. Matt feels more at home in the air on an airship than he does on the ground at home. On one voyage he meets an energetic young woman named Kate de Vries. Before love can naturally bloom between them the airship is attacked by pirates. What follows is an adventure involving mysterious flying creatures, deadly pirates, and, of course, a love story.

Read Aloud:


Recognition- Matt is a very hard worker on the airship Aurora. No matter the duty, or the danger, he is always ready to do what needs to be done. His Captain notices this and promises to promote him as soon as there is an opening. However, Matt gets passed over for promotion when a rich man’s son graduates from the Air Academy and is looking for a job. Matt does not blame the Captain as he had no choice but to give the promotion to the man’s son, but he is upset that after all of his hard work he still isn’t where he feels he deserves to be in regards of rank.

Nostalgia- Matt’s father worked on an airship too. Matt was actually born while they were in the air, which he thinks is the reason he feels more at home while in the air. Whenever he thinks of his job or trying to climb the ranks, he always wonders what his father would think of him or if he would be proud of him for following in his footsteps by working on an airship.

Connections- We all like to receive praise and recognition for our hard work. No matter how humble we may try to act, we all like hearing “good job” or “keep it up.” When we are passed over for any kind of promotion or credit, we are angry and confused just like Matt is in this story.

Reaction- I didn’t really care for this book that much. It wasn’t really anything in particular, it just didn’t hold my attention. The character were well written and the alternative history take on the story was an interesting choice. All in all, it just wasn’t my taste.


“And I’ll warn you now, it’s one of those books that’s difficult to put down until you’ve finished with it. Highly recommended!” The people at Reading Matters really liked Airborn. However, I did not find it to be a real page turner.

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2 Responses to Airborn Choice Book-Brandon Roe

  1. Brandon, How old is Matt? What age group do you think the book is geared toward? Is the major plot/action in the book the romance or is there something else that drives the story?

    • brandonroe27 says:

      Matt is 14 years old. I think the book could be geared towards those between the ages of 14 and seventeen. The romance is an important part of the story but there is good action and suspense along with it. Also the character Matt is a strong character which helps move the story along.

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