Shooter Choice Book-Brandon Roe

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Audience: 9th +


Cameron is a mild mannered kid with a bit of a tough home life. He isn’t popular at school and doesn’t really seem to care about anything at all. Then he meets Leonard. He and Leonard are a bit of the same. Soon, though, Cameron realizes Leonard is dangerous and then we are told the story from multiple perspectives after the “incident”.

Read Aloud:


Like with my other choice book, peer pressure is very big in this book. Cameron is lead by Leonard and his crazy ideas because he wants to be a supportive friend and not look like an idiot in the eyes of Leonard.

Another theme is inadequacy. Cameron feels inadequate to his father who was a big sports star and thinks that his son is sad little loser. Meanwhile his mother measures every single things by how much it costs.

Leonard also has the same situation at home. His father was a soldier and he thinks he is big and tough and that whatever he says goes. Leonard feels weak and in his journal he never refers to him as his father but simply as “HIM” or “HE”.


I think it is safe to say that we have all been bullied at one point or another in our life. We may even sometimes ponder what we think should happen to that bully. The difference is that we don’t usually carry out that fantasy. Leonard does. He actually focuses on one person in particular. The others are just something extra.


I thought this was a good book. There are a lot of similarities to the Columbine shootings. The shooting in the book takes place only a couple of days apart from when the Columbine shootings did. The kids practice shooting and purchasing automatic weaponry. Both are bullied and embarrassed by others at school. This book just goes to show that after all of the bullying in schools, its rather surprising that these tragedies don’t happen more often.

The parts of Leonard’s journal were very effective in giving us insight into his crazy, twisted mind.


This reviewer makes a good point when they say “You can really get a visual of what is happening and it seems like you are actually in the book.” This is very true. Walter Dean Myers gives you the feeling that you are actually sitting there watching Leonard plan how he is going to shoot up the school and get the people on his “list”.

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2 Responses to Shooter Choice Book-Brandon Roe

  1. Brandon, the theme of being bullied is important, how does that play out in the novel? How could students relate to that? You don’t even mention it in the book summary, which is probably something that should come up. You have some interesting themes but you don’t really discuss them in detail. Play them out a little more–go more in-depth.

    • brandonroe27 says:

      Throughout the novel we hear about how Leonard and Cameron were bullied by the jocks and treated as outcasts. Also Leonard is bullied by his father at home thus fueling his rage and unrepentent anger. Students could really relate to this because one way or another every student has experienced some form of bullying whether it is at school, work, or home. I think the theme of inadequacy was a very important and interesting one. Not only does Leonard get bullied at school but he experiences it at home as well from his father. Why does his father act this way? Because he feels inadequate at work when he is imasculated by his boss. This vicious circle eventually comes to a violent end with Leonard killing someone and then himself.

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