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Title: I Am The Messenger

Author: Markus Zusak

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Audience: 10th grade and up

Summary: Ed Kennedy is a nobody. He is an underage cab driver with no dreams, no ambitions, nothing. All he has is the Doorman, his coffee drinking dog, and a tight knit group of friends who he likes to play cards with.

Then one day during a bank holdup, Ed makes a decision and ends up saving the day. It is after this that he begins to receive cards in the mail. Playing cards. Each one with names on them. Some may need some special care, or violent action.

Along the way he begins to discover new things about himself and through his actions, he begins to reinvent himself into something more than just and underage cab driver with a smelly dog.

Read Aloud: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=31rqBTA7cCQ


Self Discovery was a major theme in this novel. Ed sees himself as a real loser. A nothing. He doesn’t have many skills. Then when these cards begin to show up he starts understanding that somebody has given him a purpose and he begins to like it. When he has to confront the rapist, he is very scared as he is not a confrontational person by any means. Then he becomes somebody else entirely and puts the fear of God into the rapist.

Friendship is clearly very important to Ed Kennedy. His friends Ritchie, Marv, and Aubrey are all like a family. At first it seems like they may be very dysfunctional, but as the story goes on we get to know them better and in the end it is clear that they all love each other very much. This is very clear when they have their Christmas together and when Marv hugs Ed for helping him with reconnecting with his daughter and girlfriend.


I think we may all have time in our lives when we don’t feel like we are worth much or that we could be doing a lot more. Here, Ed gets the chance to change all that. A lot of people, while they will never admit it, would love to have a chance to challenge themselves and learn about the real them from their experiences.


At first I thought this book was a little slow, eventually I came to like it and in the end I thought it was a very interesting book. Especially now that I know it was the actual author who was the messenger all along. Pretty mind blowing. The whole story was very creative and certainly not like something you read every day. Very unique.


Teen Reads loved “I Am The Messenger.” “Good books entertain; great books tip your world ever so slightly.”



This reviewer found the book was a great read, and flowed nicely. “The power of one can influence many. The ingenuity of this novel can entertain many more.”


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2 Responses to I Am The Messenger Book Blog-Brandon Roe

  1. Brandon, you mention self-discovery as a theme in this book. What do you think Ed discovers about himself? His friends? The people he helps? Do you think Ed is the only one who discovers something about himself or does he help those who he helps down a path to self discovery?

    • brandonroe27 says:

      I think Ed discovers that he isn’t just some hopeless loser who isn’t capable of doing anything with his life. With each test he realizes that he has found courage he never knew. Courage to beat the rapist, courage to halp catch the bank robber and the courage to simply approach all these strangers on his list. With his friends he learns a lot. He learns his friend Marv has a child that he has been sending money to and that Aubrey really does love him. He also learns things from the people he helps. How the track running girl is much happier now that she has found her rythm, and how a simple ice cream made the single mother so happy. It is these little things that make such a big difference. I think some of the people he helps learn some new things about themselves, especially Marv when he gets up the courage to go see his child and the girl that he loves despite being terrified of her father.

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