Kayla’s Book Talk

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English Education Major Psychology Minor I would love to teach high school English. I am 22 years old and commute to WIU from Galesburg, IL.
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2 Responses to Kayla’s Book Talk

  1. Kayla, Do you think this novel would be better to teach because of its historical elements or because of the themes of friendship, etc that it addresses? Are there other books you’ve read that have similar themes or touch on similar issues that you would pair it with or is this the first of this type of book you’ve read?

  2. kjnorman says:

    This is not the first Historical Fiction book that I have read. I have read many many historical fiction books in the past, but this novel is the first book I have read that I was not very familiar with the historical event the book was based around. I feel that this novel has to be mixed with a history lesson. The students will probably not be familiar with the event so giving them the knowledge to relate with this story is crucial in their understanding of the main meaning. I think that students will be able to relate to the novel better because of the friendship that was formed. However, I feel the reason for presenting the book in class would be because of its historical references.

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