Swallow Me Whole (S. Taylor)

A brief¬†discussion of Nate Powell’s, Swallow Me Whole.


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2 Responses to Swallow Me Whole (S. Taylor)

  1. Sharita, You mention that the graphic novel does not go as in-depth as a first person narrative does, who is doing the narration in the novel? Is it third person or is one of the characters telling the story and you just feel the medium of the graphic novel is not as in-depth as a more traditional narrative? Also, what did you think of the images? Did you appreciate the drawings and how did they work with the storyline?

  2. chantico07 says:

    Ruth is the narrator but I feel as if the book needed to be written this way in order to properly discuss what was going on with both of the teens. She is the most ill and her brother only seems to have issues when he is around her too much. Also, I thought the images were okay, they worked well with the storyline. You could tell that the author put a lot of thought into them, making some too small to read or see clearly, but using it as a method of looking through Ruth’s eyes.

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