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Book: Forever By Judy Blume

Genre: Young Adult fiction, romance

Audience: high school


Summary:  A senior in High school Kathy never cared for boys her mind was on school and getting accepted into Penn State and has a lot going for her. She goes to this party at her friend’s cousin’s house and ends up meeting this boy named Michael Wagner and they end up dating. They fall madly in love and Kathy learns about relationships and sex and what exactly that all entails.

Themes: Love and sexual awareness. Kathy is a senior in high school experiencing her first love. She is finding herself in the relationship and finding out what love is. Kathy is also exploring sex and experiencing the “first time” and what that entails. The ties that come with it the emotions you feel.

Connections:   This book would be great to have your students read. I don’t know if I would teach it in a classroom setting, however you could teach some parts and themes. Either way the students in the class should read this book. It’s fast and has a lot of coming of age elements and relatable points.

Reactions:  I couldn’t put this book down. I have now read it at least 3 times already now. I think the romance in the book is stereotypical teenage love however, the twists and turns out way the typical teenage love story. There is a lot of sex in there however, I do not think it’s excessive. It’s typical for a book written about a high school romance due to the fact that kids their age are now starting to become sexually active and becoming more sexually aware.

Reception:  Book_Worm313
teen, 15 years old


I know that many parents may have objections with this book, but as a teen — and having read it myself — I think it portrays love and sex in a realistic light. Katherine and Michael have a real relationship going on. They didn’t just meet and hook up, but they met, fell for each other, took the time to get to know one another, and then took the time to make the decision that they were ready to take the next step and add sex into their relationship. Blume wrote a story that very much said: Teenagers are going to have sex no matter what parents want and think, but instead of going on and on about abstinence, we should be telling them to wait until they are in a relationship they can enough about and not just a random hook up. She also shows that you should be prepared with birth control or other means of protection. Overall this book has a good message about what love is and how you should take responsibility is you want to take that nest step in the relationship. Definitely a book for thirteen and up, maybe 12 is they are mature enough to handle it.



All I can say is, wow.

I litterally just got done reading Forever… I just HAD to write my opinion on it. First, I’m 13 years old. Second, i DO NOT recommend this book for teens 13 or below. Some of the content was… A litle disturbing to read, and they did make love multiple times in the book. I read the whole thing in the matter of hours, I couldn’t put it down! It was very well written, but the content was for mature audiances.

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3 Responses to Sarah choice Book blog 3

  1. Sarah, You say the book is relatable, but how? What can students relate to? Be specific. Also, can you talk a bit more about the themes and how they specifically play out in the novel?

    • When I say relatable I meant the teens reading this book can share the feelings and expeirence of their first love. They share the expeirence of nervousness about the first date all the way to experience of their first time. They also can share emotional changes in relationships leading to the first break up. In terms of themes falling in love and first love is a theme and in this story it is a main one. It is all about Kathy and her experiencing her first love. The book discusses how they met all the way to emotional changes. Sexual awareness was a theme in terms of coming of age and finding themselves sexually and expereicing sex for the first time and coming into one’s self sexually with having their first sexual partner as well as boyfriend.

  2. caitlinxmas says:

    I want to read this book so bad!!! From what you said, it sounds like something I’d really be interested in reading:)

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