The Body of Christopher Creed- Maddie

Carol Plum-Ucci The Body of Christopher Creed. New York: Volo Hyperion,2001

Genre: Realistic fiction

Audience: High School

Read Aloud: Here

Summary: Christopher Creed disappears his junior year of high school. He sends the principal an e-mail that had hinted at running away and possibly suicide. No one is real sure where he is at. Torey Adams is a popular football star at the high school and the story is told through his point of view. He is curious of the disappearance as well as his friends and him were all mentioned in the letter to the principal.The story goes through the struggle of Torey to figure out what happened to Christopher Creed; he never took the time to get to know his fellow classmate. And, here he finds out things he never knew.Christopher Creed has a diary that Torey eventually gets ahold of. Later it turns out that everything written down was a lie; he faked a relationship with a girl he had sex with, Isabella. Torey doesn’t stop there he investigates the disappearance with great passion throughout the entire book.

Themes: Bullying. Students don’t realize how much words can effect a person. Especially in high school when students are maturing and finding themselves.Torey realized his actions right after his own name was put in the letter from Christopher Creed and sent to the principal. He looses his own friends throughout the book because they make remarks about the disappearance of Creed. He realizes what types of friends he wants. And, how bullying really does hurt.

Guilt. I think Torey Adams felt guilty for Christopher Creed’s disappearance. I felt like through the entire book he was blaming himself for what he did.But, he did evetually take action and try to find Creed. Torey Adams investigated deep into Christopher Creed’s life; he met Creed’s therapist, his alleged “girlfriend”, his mother, etc. He wanted to find Creed so bad and take back everything he did in the past.

False sense of reality. Torey Adams eventually goes crazy at the end of the book when he is in the woods. I do not want to give away too much. But, he entered a false sense of reality where he did not know what was real and what was not. Another point in this is when he talks to Creed’s mother. He was trying to explain how Creed is socially awkward. But, the mother did not want to hear that; she kept saying that he had a good life. She had a different reality in her head. Creed did the same thing with reality. He made up this girlfriend. He wrote about it all the time in his diary. When in reality Isabella, the alleged “girlfriend”, had only slept with Christopher Creed and did not want to pursue any farther.

Reactions: I felt like the book was really good. This type of book is perfect to show the side effects of bullying. Because, I don’t think teenagers understand the effects and what harm can procure from the event. This could be taught with numerous video clips(for ex. the movie cyberbully) or other pieces from journals or etc. This book was taught in my high school when I was a senior. I did not remember a lot from the book since that was about four years ago. But, when I reread it I took a whole new look on the book. When I read it back in high school it was a summer reading book. When we got into the first week of school I think we had a paper to write about it. We never had analyzed the book or even bought it back up in class. So, I think this book needs to be talked about and taught because I did not get any of these themes back when I was 17 years old.

Connections: I felt the whole guilt theme. Because I know I am guilty too of making remarks at people and then trying to fix them. For example last week I went to see this poetry slam. Her name is Andrea Gibson and she was absolutely awesome. I ended up purchasing her book because I enjoyed her poetry that much. I didn’t know ANYTHING about her! When she walked on stage I thought she was a guy. I turned to my boyfriend and asked him. By doing that I am just as guilty as any other person in the audience who stereo types and gets away with it. Later, she read a poem about people accusing her of being a guy and confusing her gender. I felt like shit. And, I wanted to make it up to her somehow. I never did obviously. But, Torey Adams in this book actually goes out of his way to try and find Christopher Creed; even after everything he put his fellow student through. This is an excellent book to teach to high school students. But, it needs to be taught; not just handed to the kids and say see ya!

Reception: Book Trailer Here is a book trailer I found on youtube. It is a pretty good one too!!

one In this book review the author basically gives a summary of the book. Then he tells a theme that is important: People are responsible for their own actions. And, the author talks about how Tory realizes that throughout the entire book. This also warns the readers of adult language and what to expect that may be considered to be bad.

two This author, Amy, summarizes the book as well in her review. She also says how the book takes you on a roller coaster ride. She gave the book 5 out of 5 stars and said she absolutely loved it. The only thing she said she did not like in the book was how the character Tory continued to say ‘like’ so much.

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3 Responses to The Body of Christopher Creed- Maddie

  1. Maddie, I can’t get your video to load. Does the reader ever learn what happens to Christopher Creed? I’m guessing he’s dead since the book is titled “The BODY of Christopher Creed”, but do we learn more?

    I head that slam poet was great. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  2. madboomer13 says:

    Hey, I redid the link. If it doesn’t work there the web address is:
    I was having some trouble copying and pasting this book blog for some reason and the links were acting all up! So, hope it works this time!
    And, I didn’t want to say too much to give away the ending. It is more about the journey to find the body of Christopher Creed. But, no they never do find the body. Torey enters the woods that the psychic told him to go into to find Chris Creed; but, instead there is a twist ending.

  3. caitlinxmas says:

    Where is Christopher Creed?!!!! I want to know so I will have to read the book. Great job Maddie!

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